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    What Is Koshari

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Koshari is the star of our show and hence the name  “Koshari Zone”.  It is one of Egypt’s quintessential street food dishes, made with rice, lentils and pasta and topped with a home-made tomato sauce (mild or spicy), chickpeas and caramelised onion and served with an optional pinch of Dukka (Garlic Vinaigrette) ……Yummy!


A delicious healthy mix of 100% natural ingredients, Koshari is:


• Low on Calories, Low on Fat – a guilt free option for everyone to enjoy

• Carb on Carb Goodness – contains good complex Carbs to give you sustained energy all day

• Vegans & Vegetarians Rejoice – made from 100% natural vegetable components

• Rich in Nutrients – such as iron, zinc, selenium & folate that help maintain your immune system & reduces fatigue and tiredness

• Flavoursome and Hearty Meal – filling and amazingly tasty with or without Dukka

• Good for your Heart – chickpeas and lentils are low in saturated fat and rich in soluble fibre, helping to control cholesterol levels

• Enough Protein – to replace any and all soy products from your diet

• Keeps for a Long Time – in tupperware in your fridge so you can take it on the go